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treasure chest and a home made skelly

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Two new pirate props almost finished. I couldn't find a treasure chest that I wanted to spend a load of cash on, so made one out of foamboard. It took about a half of a 4 x 8 1/2 inch sheet. It's looking good so far. Plan is to prop up the lid and put in a false bottom with treasure inside.

The other is mechanical. It's a pirate skelly that will be sitting on the ground trying to pull a sword out of its ribcage. I got a (free!) deer motor, mounted it to an aluminum bar, and built the ribcage and arms out of coathanger wire and masking tape. I need to weather proof it somehow, but once dressed it should look pretty cool.
Here's a couple of pics, more pics of the work in process are in my album.

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Really nice props! Be sure to post more pics when the skellie is dressed!

They look good. Any chance of getting a video of the skelly in motion? Would like to see the movement of the deer motor and how the arms are working at pulling out the sword.
Great! Love the chest and it looks like the skelly will be great too.... love to see him in action.
I really like the chest, and the skeleton should add some nice animation to the haunt
cool!! good job!

Here's video (or at least an attempt to post a video) of the skeleton in action. Sorry for the tilted frame at the end--I thought I'd turned off the camera.

The motor is secured to the aluminum bar with a couple of hose clamps. It is a little rickety. I also noticed that after about an hour the screw that secures the sword to the armature slips, so I may need to make some modifications to it.

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