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I have been thinking about a pneumatic operated trash can trauma but I have some questions for experienced builders. Please tell me if I miss anything or something that works better if need be.

Here is what I would like to do but I need some advice:
I want the prop to pop up out of a metal trash can either activated by a motion sensor or a beam sensor.

1. 31 gallon metal trash can
2. prop
3. 5 port 4 way solenoid valve (should use 12v or 120v, which is better or safer in your opinion?)
4. Trigger (motion or beam?)
5. Double action cylinder ( length is dependent upon the height of the prop to make it pop up completely out of the trash can?)
6. Flow control valves for setting the speed of the cylinder up and down.
7. Controller to feed the trigger input to the solenoid. (such as a Picaboo?)
8. Assorted fittings and line for the airflow

Am I looking in the right direction or is there something better to try?
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