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I think it's cool, but if you want my 2 cents, nothing beats a good animator behind the programing controls. Disney has experimented with many mo cap interfaces over the years, and even they say the same thing. You can have a figure with the most articulations, or realistic skin, or whatever. If it's animated poorly, it still sucks. Even with mo cap, there is usually a "cleanup" process to fix glitches or refine a movement. A good animator with a program that lets you "clean up" movements after an initial "rough in", is still the best way to animate in my opinion.

Bill Ehrsam.
Bill's right...in fact it's funny how all the advanced tech in the world still boils down to refining a roughed in animation..a technique used by animators who draw by hand have used for decades. Not to say the MO cap won't be a great tool, but not in and of itself.
1 - 3 of 102 Posts
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