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toxic man

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Hi all

as i am new here, i have been feeling a bit guilty about just "taking" information. everyone has been very helpful in dealing with my questions (and i have plenty more!!), but i feel that i am not doing my bit in helping out.

as i said, i am sort of new to this, but i am quite good with my hands, so as soon as i become more experienced i hope to be able to help.

anyway.........i saw this while on holiday in great yarmouth (outside a fancy dress shop called tickles)

it seems a rather easy prop to build, and it did draw quite a lot of comment.

maybe this will help some other people with ideas.

i assume it is a basic water pump just circulating the water, but i think it would be more effective with green or red coloured water.

if it has been shown before, then sorry for reposting.

sorry for the size of the pictures
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Dazgill, glad you posted. Love the guy. He looks pretty realistic and a good use for a recirculating pump.

I think he might look good outside of a toxic lab I'm considering. I posted under props about a red beacon light and now I'm picturing him outside the lab, just after the ToTers have passed the area. Thanks for the idea.
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