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TOTs and Stairs?

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Hi all! So, my boyfriend and I have recently moved into a 150 year old Victorian house that comes with 34 steps leading up to the front door. A neighbor told me that we usually only get 20 to 30 trick-or-treaters and mentioned that I probably wouldn't get many with our stairs. Those of you who have a large number of steps leading to your door, what do you do?

I was thinking of parking myself on the landing that's 6 or so steps from the street. But I also was thinking of putting a sign at the bottom so they know the climb is worth it. Oh and since we're getting a small number I figured I'd be that person who hands out full size candy bars. I'm just worried the weather won't cooperate for my plan to sit by the street.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I love seeing and hearing all the cool things you guys do.
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That's probably your best bet.
My mom has 20some steps. If the weather permits, she sits at the bottom and hands out treats.
Decorate your yard, some decent lighting, mood music, trust me, you'll attract more TOT's...
We have alot of steps leading up to our front door. We stand at the picture window and keep a look out as the kids approach the driveway.
If we see small kids we then walk out with the candy and toy bowls and meet them at the bottom of the stairs.
As a kid, there was a house that sat at the end of the street on several acres of property, all the way back on the far corner of the lot. We'd always make that trek up the hill for the KING SIZE bars they were handing out.

In my present neighborhood, there's a house way up on the hill that hands out "the good stuff". Rumor has it you can fill your whole bag there. It's about 50/50 the kids that think it's worth it to go there vs just hit more houses, as there's quite the line.

Personally, I think stairs could be REALLY fun to decorate. Jacks up a stairway are just an awesome sight.
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Hey Hopelessly Insane...welcome to the forums. I think ideally it'd be great to be able to be nearer the bottom as you plan, but when I was a kid if a house was really well lit up - if the yard looked like it was a step up from the standard jackolantern and paper window cut-outs, we were going no matter what.

If you had 34 stairs and just your porch light on, yeah, I could see kids not making the effort. Just let it be known it'll be worth their trip, either treat-wise or decoration-wise.

Sounds like a beautiful home to be spending Halloween in!
If you decide to make the 34 step climb "worth it," for heaven's sake, don't use a scare as the means of making it worthwhile! Last thing you need is scared ToTs tumbling down the steps. :D
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Hey, that reminds me of Martin Balsam in "Psycho"....

Nah, you don't wanna go there....
We don't have near that many steps, but we have volume of kids .. I've seen traffic jams from kids trying to come up and down .. So we sit at the bottom of the steps in chairs to decrease the likelihood of someone tumbling down the steps .
Set up a table and chairs in front of the stairs. That way the TOTers don't go up the stairs at all. I would be worried about safety.
I feel your pain. Our problem isn't steps, it's a long front yard. Even with the decorations, lights, sounds, etc., we still see some who hesitate...and then keep walking down the road. And we're known for handing out "the good stuff"...Halloween rubber duckies, glow necklaces, etc.
If a ToT wants free candy, no amount of stairs will get in their way! With that said, I would opt for the "bottom of the stairs" idea. Mood music on a boom box, a little creative lihting should bring them in. HEY...heres an idea, if you have a portible generator you could even run a power cord for a fog machine (with fog chiller of course) and have the fog creep down your 34 steps.

If you do opt for the botyom of the steps idea, don't forget to dress up yourself. A ratty witches outfit, hat, and cauldren with dry ice should do the trick.

Good luck, Marc V.
I only have 5 steps and I like to sit out and hand out candy. I worry one will trip on their costume or a step.
A humongous staircase like that would be an awesome place to showcase props! Think the Masquerade Ball from "Phantom of the Opera."
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