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I need space...

And, we're going a different direction where we have used these guys.

They have been a favorite in the yard the last 3 years, but it's time to move on. :(

Included is the actual totems, and the lighting inside. NOT the fog machines. ;)

They really do look their best with some fog blowing in them, however.

The one on the right is in good condition, having some minor cosmetic damage on the TOP of it (no one can see that high) that would be easily repaired.

The one on the left is in fair condition. Having gotten soaked in some rain last Halloween, it was a little squishy when placed into storage. But, it seems to have survived that. It is a bit deformed, especially the bottom face.

Both are constructed of paper towel mache over a chicken wire frame that has 3 PVC conduit lengths with which to rebar them into place. Over the paper towel mache was placed a coating of newspaper mache, and a coating of monster mud.

Lighting is accomplished via 3 C7 bulbs.

Due to the size/weight of these things, you'll have to come pick them up, shipping is just not feasible. I'm in the South Ogden/Uintah area of Utah.

I'll get some current pictures of the things in a couple days. (once I get back to the storage shed.)
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