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Torontonian in a new house!

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Hey all, I'm Robin from Toronto. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a child, and I've been making costumes and doing other crafty stuff for a long time. I've always wanted to decorate for Halloween, but as we lived in apartments, there wasn't much ability to do anything.

Well, folks, we finally bought our house earlier this year. It has a big front yard, two-car garage, and plenty of kids in the neighborhood!

I'm throwing a Halloween party this year and I've already started work on props. I'm under a serious budget constraint this year (only a couple hundred dollars total to work with) but I'm good at figuring out how to do things cheaply, and I already have a lot of craft supplies and fabric, so I think I'll be able to make it look decent this year.

My husband has already agreed that each year we'll be able to continue adding props and, eventually, spending money on animatronics. He's fine with the idea of starting our own haunt in a few years. :) I'm so excited!

This year I'm going to be making and setting up tombstones in the front yard, creating some massive hanging props (8'-9' with their capes), turning some dolls into zombie babies (I've been doing zombie makeup for years and am well-acquainted with Liquid Latex), and whatever other inexpensive crafts catch my attention. (I've already been through all 55 pages of the Tutorials forum and I've picked up lots of good ideas from the great talent here!)

I'm looking forward to seeing what others are up to and sharing my own progress. :)
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Hey Robin! Sounds like the perfect house for some serious haunting! Congratulations on the big purchase - that's gotta feel awesome.

Welcome to the forums - hope to see some of your props once you get settled in. :)
I've already been taking step-by-step pictures of the props I'm working on; any that turn out good, I'll post as tutorials. Any that turn out mediocre, I'll just post as props. ;) I have enough experience that my crafty things rarely fail entirely, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful going into this new venture. (Of course I also know and work within my limits - if I tried making animatronics right now, that WOULD be a failure! But painting, sewing, designing, and improvising are skills I have decent experience with.)
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Welcome to the forum. It is nice to see your excitement. Can't wait til you share your tuts and pics. The is also a "flop" topic where we can laugh at ourselves and learn what NOT to do. :)

Thanks for the welcome, everyone! :) I've been working hard today on a scary-clown prop, Ernesto von Polkabutt (sad but true, I have a six-year-old's sense of humor in a mid-thirties body). Unfortunately now I'm paying the price for spending six hours bent over while doing paper-mache and painting; I got whiplash last month and I'm not supposed to spend more than an hour a day bent over. :p But hey, neck cramps and a tension migraine just means I have more time to lie in bed wearing sunglasses and reading about making props, right?

Marie: Well, I know where I'm going to be wasting time tonight, heh! I love reading about things going wrong (when those things are harmless, and prop failures fall nicely into that category).

Paula: Cambridge isn't too far! Do you do a haunt or anything? :)
Woo, got my first tutorial up! Now I feel like I really belong here, LOL. $3 Styrofoam skull transformed into creepy clown head ($5 to $12 total)
Diving in with both feet....gotta like it, and I will check out your tutorial later tonight. Lived at Bathurst and St-Clair for years. Miss so much of Toronto...great city.
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