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Too much leftover candy? Send it to Treats for the Troops!

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I've never done it before & it looks like you really need to follow their instrutions to the T, but I'd rather send it to the troops than take it to work & have someone take all the Hershey bars because "my son LOVES these!! I'll take 'em for his lunch!"

Um...nope. I don't put candy in that bowl to fund YOUR kid's lunch. You had the kids, you can pay for their own damn candy.:mad: At the very least don't say out loud that's what you're going to do with it.

So I'm gonna send the "good stuff" to the troops instead. They need it & will appreciate it more.
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Scatterbrains, as much as you dislike the fact that dentists are writing off those vouchers as donations, anyone who saved their receipts for candy can technically write off a portion of the Halloween candy cost if they're donating the leftovers to Operation Gratitude.

EDIT: My bad. Nobody is writing anything off as a donation. Operation Gratitude apparently never bother to register for nonprofit status.
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