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New Price! Many animatronic monsters, inflatable items, props all sizes big and small, all accessories, lights and props for sale. Asking $4k, negotiable. I would like to sell the entire lot together. See below for description of items. Please send me an email if interested.

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I do have some pictures and am trying to locate a video. I'll post the list I've started here later today. I'm new to the forum so still learning how it works. Mentally we're not too old but physically it's a lot of work! My husband constructs a maze of walls and corridors made of panels of plywood that go the length of our house several times around ,about 40 feet each time all on our deck. our deck is very long and fairly wide as well. It takes him about 6-8 weeks to put it up then a good week to take it down !

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I made a list as best I could.

Grinning Gertrude

misfortune teller

walking dead Teddy bear girl

pumpkin nester

lurching zombie

talking witch

zombie girl swing

the harvester scarecrow

jumping black spider

jumping dog

rosemary zombie girl

ghost girl

4 graveyard monsters

Wall crawler

Wheelchair girl

Drawling donna

Walker baby girl

4 zombie babies

Eaten alive


Mummy in cage

Monster in barrel

Zombie brains monster

Doink the clown

Uncle Charlie clown

Peek a boo clown

Scary severed zombie monster

straight jacket pyscho

Buzz saw monster

arm cracker monster

Monster in cage with lights and sounds

Rising from the grave monster for fog machine

2 animated mirrors

A strange slug like monster that hangs on the wall and makes strange noises

Severed limbs

Many severed heads

Rats and cats

Blow up: Frankenstein, monster playing piano, 2 cats a large pumpkin, a spider

A projector that projects scary images as shadows on wall

4 fog machines

A bubble machine

Many strobe lights

Black lights

Lanterns that look like they are lit by fire

A small boiling cauldron (countertop)

A wooden coffin

Many props that don’t do anything but are just scary some very large other smaller: devils, clowns, witches, ghosts, mummies, spiders, skeletons, vampires and bats, bride and groom severed heads whose eyes light up, a gargoyle who talks, 3d pictures and changing pictures for the walls, hanging pirate skeletons, step pads.

I’m sure there is more but this is what I came up with from memory.

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as of right now I'm not selling individual things but would be open to splitting up what I have into smaller packages. I would be willing to ship but would ask the buyer to pay the shipping costs or at least a portion of them.
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