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Tonight's Phone Call, different.

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"When are you open?"
"Every night at 7-- O'clock.'
"I heard that you just show up at dusk,pay and walk right in.'
My Wife- "We do have business hours, 7 to 12 midnight.'

My Wife was slightly perturbed over the "Just walk up at dusk"-thing.
Maybe she thought it made us sound silly or people who live way off from the scheduled world all around us?

I told her I thought it made this place sound more "Romantic".. "Just walk up. we know you're coming,we are waiting for just You and Yours!
This all seems to me to make it sound like a pretty special place to see and be!

(Of course ask anyone who has been here and they might tell you it is a special place ! )

Before the "Season" begins (as in"BUSY!") I am prone to give people quite a house tour here! (Because I love doing this!)
It's 10:29 Central time, and nobody showed up here tonight, yet?
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"Ever get tired of being open year-round?"

Well, I have been Open almost every night for these last 28 years.. if i was going to get tired of it,it probably would have happened before now!
Of course all this has went much smoother since I met my wife, Jessica since she does all the things that need to be done here that she is better at than I could ever be.
As she does all of her duties it frees me up to have mostly just the fun without having to stop having fun and think like a businessman (or act like a salt-pillar of this low-salt community.)
She hires and fires and trains employees while I just run up and down the stairs in and out of a few secret passages and get some people to jump.scream and laugh..........
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