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"Tonight was different!" April 30-15

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Three women were here tonight,all newbies,all eager to see the "show",none were ever here before. The older woman needed these two younger ones to come in with her because she was scared. (She didn't seem scared)
I talked about the Haunted history of this house. I "educated" them about several haunt theories.
They were laughing,then they got scared,laughed more,then were scared by my absolutely simplest routine.
My Wife could hear all of this happening from her keyboard,through the door across a short hallway.
I finally wrapped it all up and I don't recall exactly what I said then,but one girl somehow thought that was the end of my "Show"I put on here?
(They might have been in that room for an hour?)
"You mean there is MORE!?"
"Yes! A whole great big house full!"
Her eyes got larger!
In the second room (With many lights "On" they actually seemed to become more nervous!?
The older woman who looked like and dressed like she could easily be a late-night horror movie host (meant totally complimentary,she just resembled one,she did!) She wore her hair like one. She was the first one to tell me that she would not be going into the basement,nor wine cellar,either!??
One girl needed a "Bathroom" she saw the big stuffed *****-Cat seated there and then refused to use it!?
"Just throw the big cat in the tub,he doesn't mind!" She would not use this clean toilet.. "Oh well?"
Then I scared them all in The Waiting Room,some loud screams were happening then! then they laughed about it all.
About then was when they informed me they had friends waiting for them,so I asked if they would like to quickly walk through with all the lights "ON",just so they could at least see what is here.
I opened up one secret passage and asked them if they would like to at least "Look" down it?
The Spook-movie hostess almost screamed when she saw the coffin hallway,then said to me,"How do you sleep at night?"
Then they had to be out because those "Friends" were out there waiting for"them"
Short tour-their call.... or had I just been"Played"? and she is actually a Spook Movie show host?
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Cool story, Gym!
One of these days I am going to make it out to your place Gym. I love all the cool stories you have to tell and would love to see it in person!
As I was getting ready for any tours tonight I had a new idea for the first few minutes of the tour once they are inside of the house. Now I'm anxious to try it and see how / if it "works"!
I just realized that I must be getting decrepit and nastier looking. She said "How" do you sleep at night ,instead of "WHERE "do you sleep at night?"
For years when someone would ask me "Where",I would just say:"Oh, all you groupies always ask that ! "
If "The Asker" was a 75 yr.old great-grandmother ,it just got more funny!
Gym, i think i have seen your house before. Were you on an old episode of Extreme Homes?
"Extreme Homes"
"Wild Chicago"
"Travel Sick"--Comedy Central tv
Some ghost show?......but one year I sat and talked in front of some Student's cameras. One young woman won 1st place at Northwestern, Ill University.
A boy still in High School Won A Scholarship to film school.
I was very proud to have helped these young people move closer to a career of their own choosing.
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