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I hate to beat a DEAD corpse--but maybe just one of you will go see this--

as part of the Repo Armay it's our job to get the word out--(Hell had no one ever done it with the ROCKY HORROR there wouldn't be a petition goin on right now to STOP the remake, right?)
Thanx for your time and Veiwing this

REPO the genetic opera TONIGHT Minnesota & OHIO Body: TONIGHT, June 6th!!!!

Please help us SUPPORT REPO!!

If you are one of my HORROR/HAUNT friends and have not seen this movie YET..PLZ do.

It is very underground put out by Lionsgate--It is available for rental on DVD as well, but being brought back to theatres around the country because of the PUBLIC..

WHY watch REMAKES when you can see something NEW & FRESH (meat) with a NEW STORYLINE!

Minneapolis, MN 11:59pm
The Uptown Theater
2906 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Cincinnati, OH 11:59pm (w/ Shadow Cast)
Esquire Theater
320 Ludlow
Cincinnati, OH 45220
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