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Tombstone text/Epitaphs with an Exacto knife :D

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This is my first tutorial so if you can think of anything which would make it better or clearer then please tell me, thanks :D

Many people use a dremel for carving out epitaphs/text on there tombstones, but i find this technique to be incredibly messy and the results are not great, i know this technique works for people with amazing results, but its just not for me.

Im going to show you a different technique using an exacto knife, this technique is a bit more time consuming but the results are great, I've only used this technique once (2 hours ago when i finished off a tombstone) but i thought i should show you.

I know that this is used by lots of people already so im in no way taking credit for this technique, i just haven't seen a detailed tutorial on tombstone epitaphs/text, if im wrong then please send me a link, most tutorials seem to be on the tombstone itself.

On to the tutorial .......

things you need:
exacto knife
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First of all you need to choose what you want your text/epitaph to be.
Here i have chosen it to say "I told you i was sick ! " but you can make this longer or shorter.

Next You should choose a font you like, i just used Microsoft power point
for mine but you will probably find better fonts on better software. For my font size i used 150 but you will probably want to change that depending on how big or small your stone is.

After printing out your text cut each word out and pin them on to the foam.This keeps them moving around.
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Now you want to take your exacto knife and slowly cut out each letter, I find it better to do an up and down motion, it is alot easier than dragging the knife down the foam.
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Using the tip of the exacto knife, flick out the foam which was behind the printed letter. If you cut around the whole letter then it should come out easily without tearing up the surrounding foam.
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Continue to do this on each remaining letter.

After this a good paint job will make the letters stand out. I recommend Terras tutorial on painting tombstones, that's how i learned to paint tombstones
here is a link to her great tutorial http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-step-step/79698-painting-tombstones.html
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So thats all really, i hope this has helped, I live in the uk where it is impossible to get the pink or blue foam, so we are forced to use this awful white foam, but as you can see the results aren't so awful, i would imagine that you will get even better results using pink or blue foam

if anything is unclear then please go ahead and ask.


phil :D
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Very nice work Phil I am working on mine right now.
Thanks crazy xmas, i would love to see a picture when your done :D

Great-looking stone and thorough tutorial. Love those kinds :)

Yeah, I would bet that using a Dremel on the white beady foam would be a mess and not look so good.
Thanks terra im glad you liked it.

phil :D
Just a tiny update :
here's another example of this technique
View attachment 12613
View attachment 12614
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