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Tombstone lessons

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So, I learned some tombstone lessons yesterday and today....

I had the epitaths on my stones done and started painting the lettering black on some last weekend. Then, this weekend was a three day weekend for me due to Columbus day. So, I thought I'd get out and start painting the stones. I had some nice light grey paint that I got from Ace Hardware ( a small hardware chain). I don't have a heat gun so didn't do the step that some use to sort of open up the cracks and kind of seal the lettering, aging, etc. I went right into rolling that light grey paint right on that pink foam.

Uhh....once I was done, I didn't like the look at all. Looked home made and too clean. Just didn't really pop at me like some I've seen on here.

1. Maybe I should have done the black base coat first like others typically do.
2. I was lazy and didn't bother to caulk or compound some of the lines that you find on the pink board - the perfs where you can break the board? Also, I only have access to the tongue and groove pink board....so, there is a groove that runs down a side and I didn't take time to caulk that in. (dumb) The tongue side I did at least sand that down smooth.

I went back today and using joint compound I've filled in the perf lines that were on some of them, the open groove if any of them had it. I'll sand everything down once it dries and I think I'll repaint with black and then go over with the grey and then age with the dirty black/grey paint in a spray bottle and let that run down to age.

Would appreciate any thoughts on redoing them..... one thing I've learned is to take your time and do the caulking and I think I may invest in a heat gun because I think it would help make painting a little easier by "sealing" the foam up.

I attached a couple of pics - especially to show what I'm referring to on the "groove". At least one nice thing about doing stones - they aren't supposed to be perfect, right?? ;)


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Did the joint compound work to eliminate the perf line on the foam? I have that on some of my tombstones also. I did a test run on a piece of scrap with one coat of drylok and even though the line is tiny you can still see it in some lights. On the attached picture it's at the top of the piece. Not sure whether a second coat would help or not. I tried to fill the cracks with wood glue on one tombstone but I think it just made it worse.


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I use interior / exterior wood fill to fill in the perf lines that are in foam or cracks in joints. You can wet you finger and smooth it out and when painted with exterior paint it is good to go. i have been using that tens years easy and have no problems.
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