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Tombstone help!!

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I bought a paper mache skull mask from michaels and want to add it to the front of my tombstone. I am asking for suggestions on how to mount it to the front of the tombstone... i.e. nails, glue, magic?? If anyone has a suggestion I am open to it...:eek: I'm trying to have it look as 3D as possible with room to put some LEDs...
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You can cut the back half of the skull off and put the front on. Or cut the skull in half down the center so there are two side faces, then put those on the tombstone, facing each other. Hot glue or Liquid Nails will do the job.

LED wires can be pushed through the tombstone to the back where the batteries are.
I know the mask you're talking about, and actually thought of doing the same thing. You could probably use a bead of liquid nails adhesive along the edge of the mask. It should hold up pretty well. The space between the face and stone would give you plenty of room for leds. Post a pic of this when you'rer done. I'd like to see how it turns out. I'm still thinking about it. Those masks are neat!
jdubbya thanks! I'll post it for sure... i was thinking about possibly hot gluing some nails to the mask itself and then setting it in the foam. Also, I was going to trace and cut a 5 mm deep outline of the skull and place it in the outlined cut with some glue.... What'ca think? I'll let you know what happens.
Great idea!! Would love to see some pics. I do know that we have had great success with 3 D effect on Tombstones when we first seal the foam with a painted on white sealant paint. We get ours from by ordering through a theater supply company -Rosebrand. It is called "Foamcoat." the company that makes the product is Rosco at Rosco International. You may be able to order a gallon direct from Rosco. Then, once dry, the headstone is a bit more sturdy, and can withstand things being glued on or anchored into the foam. It also does a nice job of resurfacing the "foam" appearance of the tombstones. Takes paint, moss, dirt anything. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Michael's for some masks! Thanks for the idea!
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