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Tombstone/foam carving best practices FAQ??

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Yes, I'm sure this is covered here somewhere, if not in many place. I did search and read a few things, but I'm wondering if there is a specific FAQ on the techniques (God, some people make some AMAZING tombstones!!), OR someone can give a few pointers specific to what I am doing.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day, so perfect time to make not a tombstone, but the Omenwood Hotel sign. I have two 2x4 foot sections of pink foam, 1 1/2" thick glued up with a wood backing to make may sign. So it will be 4 x 4 but I will round the corners a bit.

I have a whole assortment of soldering irons, right up to a 200 watt one used for radiator repair that GLOWS red when you turn the lights out.

I have a 24 amp, variable voltage supply and bought some 22 gauge NiChrome and already made a hot wire cutting table that works really well. I could make a hot wire "V" tool real easy.

I have a dremel and all kinds of bit, including the zip bits. I can't even begin to imagine the mess that would make.

I read somewhere about using a hot glue gun to make letters? My guess is that you use the hot cone shaped tip of it. Yes, of course, I have a hot glue gun.

I am borrowing an overhead projector and can print a transparency of the lettering. It is a gothic/old english font, pretty ornate and detailed.

I will age the sign a lot when I am done, including some heat gun scarring and I found that if you mist Carb cleaner on it, it eats into the foam and gives it a cement-like look. I want it well weathered, and it will have some small 12 volt landscape lights shining on it. My thoughts are a light base grey with black in the recesses then age it.

Ideas? Pointers?