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Tombstone,first try

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Hey everyone,so I bought this fancy machine to carve stuff with and here is my first attempt at making a grave marker.Its not painted or anything yet,still learning the machine.How did I do?
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That is extremely well done for a first time! Geez Louise! The detail is incredible. Exactly what kind of tool did you buy for carving?
Its called a" Carvewright".It also does wood and lexan.Computer controlled,about 2k.And thanks.
That is brilliant. but no way am I spending 2K to carve tombstones quicker!! :eek:
I didnt buy it just for that,I do alot of woodworking and its just another tool to add to my stuff,mostly high end Powermatic equipment.Thats what I told the wife anyway.lol
It's a very cool tool. I've seen them advertised before. I've been tempted, but I just can't afford it. Wish I could justify it, but not right now. I don't do that much wood working, more cabinetry and such.

Looks like eBay has a few for under $1,000 -- but that's till out of my price range. That's more than my entire Halloween budget. :rolleyes:

You're in Washington State! Where you at? I've got lots of styrofoam you can carve up for me! :)
That is amazing! I can't wait to see what else you post and of course the final effect.
Its an amazing tool,Ive just scratched the suface of what it can do.I looked at ebay ones,no warranty!If you shop around you can find a deal,I did.We plan on makind quite a few tombstones and Ill post pix of the final result after painting/ageing.
How do you "design" a tombstone? Does it come with software for your computer, or can you use whatever you want and it reads certain file formats like FHD, PDF, PNG, etc.?

I like the detail of depth on the lions. And the arc of the text -- fantastic stuff. Hmm....maybe it would be worth getting one. I just need a short list of reasons to give the wife. :D
Ah, okay. went back to eBay and answered some of my own questions:

Using the CarveWright Woodworking System is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. You first design your project on the CarveWright Designer Software (included). You can choose images from an existing Library or import images into the software.

2. Next, you upload your Designed Project to a Memory Card that can hold several projects. There is no need to attach your computer to the Machine.

3. After inserting the Memory Card into the Machine a LCD Display guides you thru the rest.
It does come with "Designer software"that you install on your computer,then its just a matter of usung the tools in the software to add text,pix,figures etc.Trust me,if i can do it anybody can.Then you upload it to a card,then plug it in the machine an go.
I think the only drawback would be that it can only take pieces up to 14.5 inches wide.
True,but you can seam them together and make it as wide as you want and as long as you want too.
True,but you can seam them together and make it as wide as you want and as long as you want too.
Okay, where you at? :D
Olympia,com'on down!
I do go down to Olympia every once in a while. My in-laws live on Steamboat Island.
Cool,if you get off at Black Lake Blvd take a left and go towards the lake,im on the east side of the lake.
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