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Hi all, I have been asked to make a couple of tombstones to go in the window of a local bakers shop for Halloween. They have left the epitaph up to me with just a few conditions. No swear words or references to sex? in other words they have to be child friendly. I wanted to do something funny that might relate to bread/baking, but the only thing I can think of implies that you might die if you eat the shops bread (which I don't think they would like) The usual internet searches have proved to be less than helpful, so I was hoping one of the clever people on this forum might be able to help me out with something they might have seen or made up themselves and don't mind me using.

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"Wanda Turnover" ----Like "I wanna turn over (in my grave).

"Goodbye, Cruller World."

"Here Lies Johnny Cake--Formerly a Bundt, Now a Layer."

Rest in Peace, Larry Cake. He Fell."

Ok, these are getting bad......:)
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