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Tomanderson Says HI!

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Hello Creative Haunters!

I got busy this year on a bunch of little things and was unable to spend time here. But how is everyone doing? And what are your festivities looking like for this upcoming Halloween 2009?

Hello again!

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Hi tomanderson, welcome back :)
Doing good here thanks, in the midst of moving house so haven't been able to properly start on Halloween prep but am chipping away at the little details I can.

Hope you are well, good to see your name pop up again!
Hey, tomanderson....good to see you around!! :D
Yahhhh! Magickbean and MadameHooch! Good to see you again.

You see, last year was "OKAY" --we had Halloween, and this is a good thing. But it was small! I think having a bigger Halloween this year is the plan. Maybe I mean bigger in spirit or bigger in ambition; last year I felt people in my area were holding back a bit, turnouts were small at the haunted houses and people seemed busy and distracted.

I put a little glass snowglobe in the window--it has bats instead of snow, and a cute jack-o-lantern. Signaling an early start to the Halloween thinking!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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