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This was a real challenge. I like the look of the old toe pincher coffins. I especially love the ones that flair out from the base. I searched everywhere for a pattern that listed all the proper angles to make one but never was able to find one. So, I had to wing it. It took an entire day just to cut out the 6 sides. A lot of it was trial and error. I made the sides from 1 x 12 shelving board picket up at the local building supply store. the bottom was some old scrape plywood. I made all the trim myself with a router.

The top was a little trickier. In order to get it to close, I had to bevel the top of the sides so that they were parallel to the bottom. I then applied trim all the way around to give a more finished appearance and also give me a larger lip to fit against the top. The trim around the top was cut from 2 x 4s to make a strong frame. The remaining opening in the frame was filled with a composite board made of solid boards glued edge ways (sold at local Lowes to be used for table tops).

After all was done I stained and finished it with a coat of urethane.

Its a little over 6 feet long and 20 inches wide at the shoulder. I displayed it in the Horse drawn hearse last year with a funeral spray of dried flowers and a couple of skeleton helpers. Eventually I will probably use it as my candy bucket.

Good luck and happy haunting to all you other obsessed Halloweenenies!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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