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After seeing some really cool toe pinchers made from pallets, I decided to give it a shot. I was able to score about half a dozen pallets from work which I put in the back yard to help age for about six months, some of them were already pretty weathered. The first order of business to get started was to break down the pallets for the boards I wanted. Once that was done, I started laying them out in the yard so I could see exactly how I wanted each side to look:


Once I knew how it was coming together, I started with a piece of 3/4" OSB that I created the pattern from and cut out:


I painted the OSB with some Killz I had sitting around from an old construction project. Then I started painting the sides with black paint, but had a limited supply at the time, so I was just hitting the back and sides:


Next, I laid out the boards for the lid of the coffin:


Once I had the look I wanted, I snapped some lines and cut out the pattern:


Here's the lid with the cross brace look I wanted:


Then it was on to the sides. The braces were just made out of scrap wood and I was only tacking it all together with brad nails, once it was all together, I came back and drilled out holes for heavy screws to keep it all together:


I had to cut a bit of an angle on the corner braces so it all stayed snug:


Continued to build up the sides:


Not the best final picture, but you get the idea:

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