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Today is the end of the line for Beetlejuice's 23-year-long show at Universal

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Any of you who have been to Florida and come to Universal Studios in the last 23 years has probably seen one of the versions of Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue, a musical show that has been ongoing at the park since 1992. It's a song and dance revue featuring a rock and roll mash up performed by Beetlejuice and his monster crew, Frankenstien, the Bride, Dracula, the Wolf Man, Cleopatra and the Phantom of the Opera's daughter, Phantasia. Over the years the song playlist has changed several times and a couple of characters have come and gone. But the formula for the show has remained consistent for all these years. Well, today is its last day. After today the show goes dark and the castle theater gets demolished to build some sort of Fast and Furious rollercoaster. Park officials were going to close it before Christmas, but a massive social media campaign kept it open until today. Sad. But for those of you who have never experienced the show -- or for those of you who would like to experience it again -- here is episode 36 of my YouTube channel, The Last Wanderer of Mars. This episode, entitled The End of Beetlejuice: Say it Once, Say it Twice, Third Tiime's a Charm contains the entire show and all the players who performed it. I hope you enjoy it, and I'm sorry to see it go.

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