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At the Ravens Grin Inn...A man and his son,another family,of Mom. Dad,and three kids all happened to arrive at the door at the same time!
The little-bitty" girl was afraid, the main lights were already "On".
I asked this whimpering, crying, tiny girl if she would like to push some "Buttons?"
I had to almost physically make her push that one,little "Button".. she laughed,now and liked being here.
I noticed the Father who brought his one boy here,both for their first time, was enjoying some of my usual remarks(Which are silly)
Time to push Another button to make something else happen!-- Another "Fan" created! ("We do it the totally modern method,it's ALL "Push-button!"
The adults were now also impressed (Better impress THEM,they paid us to be here! )
I told them one of the stories of this house (Each one True) but kept it "Kid-Palatable"
I finished that first room with a special defect I made,they were impressed,even in the half-light!
Then each one of the kids got to do it!
We also brought out two of our pets to calm the little girl down,which worked Very Well!
All of this and we were still in the first room! But they were now "Ready" !

The little girl was the first one to do what is often "The Scariest Thing" here=== No problem! (She is a tiny,little thing too!)
Our incredibly unseasonable Weather meant the entire backyard was accessible for everyone .
Near the tour's finale,one boy asked me if we were going to exit the house a certain way, to which i said something,i think was much more impressive."No,I will be leading out through the 130 feet of exit tunnel that I hand-dug!" (After I rammed his head into a real brick wall to open the secret passage.)
The man with his son in the group just bought a house out here,he said he will be coming back to see this house again!
I am pretty sure that he WAS IMPRESSED! (THE only way to leave them!)
What A Great Day!! 50 degrees, Sunny, no wind? on December 19th!? Amazing!
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