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To late for walk through?

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I am wondering if there is others that are considering slimming down there haunt from initial plans?

As I am sure many can relate I was very motivated November 1st to get a head start on next years haunt. My plan was and still is to create a walk through that goes through my garage to the back yard and around to the front again.

However when summer hit, the summer projects came along. I found myself building a rather epic play house, an arbour, and managing a garage sale. Now that things are all died down again, I am just wondering if I can take on this big task still this year.

So please share your thoughts on your own haunts and where they are. Encouragement also welcome!
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I know exactly where you are coming from and, yes, you can do it! I was in a similar situation last year and still pulled it off (though there were moments I thought I had never worked harder). That is why I am, bit by bit, getting the house ready and trying to constructively make use of my down time. The closer you get to Halloween the more energy you will have. Go through your Halloween stuff; that will give you a boost of motivation.
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