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To late for walk through?

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I am wondering if there is others that are considering slimming down there haunt from initial plans?

As I am sure many can relate I was very motivated November 1st to get a head start on next years haunt. My plan was and still is to create a walk through that goes through my garage to the back yard and around to the front again.

However when summer hit, the summer projects came along. I found myself building a rather epic play house, an arbour, and managing a garage sale. Now that things are all died down again, I am just wondering if I can take on this big task still this year.

So please share your thoughts on your own haunts and where they are. Encouragement also welcome!
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I've always planned way more than I'd be physically capable of completing... :eek:

I figure that no one knows what I DIDN'T finish, so it's just me that will be disappointed - everyone else thinks the stuff I do is awesome and have no idea where I get the time to do the stuff I do complete.

Do what you can, and what still feels like fun. Once it starts seeming like work, that's where you stop and add it to next year's list.
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