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Does anyone put out Tip jars? I know this might have been brought up before, but does anyone put out a tip box in the front of their haunt?

Props can get expensive.

Is it tacky to do so

Is it illegal?

just wondering

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It might cause a problem with your homeowner's insurance if something happens or they find out. If you accept donations or charge for an attraction, you move up to a higher liability in their eyes.

I wouldn't do it personally. I figure that this is my hobby, and the expense is to be expected.

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I wouldn't do it personally. I figure that this is my hobby, and the expense is to be expected.[/QUOTE]

Personally I think it is tacky. No offense but when you can no longer support your hobby you need to stop

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I think it's kinda tacky too. I remember one Christmas a family did this and I thought why do it if you need help paying the electric bill!

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I wouldn't charge or put out a tip jar for a couple reasons one I think it's tacky. I build the props and put them out because I have fun doing it and it's something I get to share with my family, it's worth the money I put into it for that alone.

Two it is really easy even with a voluntary tip Jar to run afoul of codes and ordinances as many municipalities may classify you as a business if you bring in money.

We were asked many times last year if there was a charge for our haunt. I was actually quite surprised because most that asked were reaching for their wallets. I am considering putting out a donation box for my favorite charity next year when I do a full walk through haunt in the back yard, however I plan to do my home work and check with both the city and the charity's rules and codes to make sure it's done on the up and up. It'd be a shame to have donations for a group but they couldn't take it because the event violates some organizational rule I didn't know about.

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I wouldn't. I enjoy making my own props and displaying things. It may be expensive, but it's more of a hobby to me.

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What I would think (if I went to someone's haunt and there was a tip jar) is that it was expected that I give a tip. I would feel weird.
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