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Hello all!

I have a question on the best technique to hanging cheesecloth and bloodied/ripped sheets from the ceiling. I know it seems silly to ask but I'm imagining it and I see myself not being happy and missing a very easy trick that can make it creepy.

Room 1 - Cheesecloth -

I have my main party room where I have this set up and want to hang a bunch of cheesecloth from the ceiling to bring the room down a bit and add a touch of creepy. I'm not sure if I should cut it into different sizes or drape it, etc...

Room Interior design

The room extends about 15 more feet. I also have webbing to add.

In my kitchen which is a bit smaller and a perfect square shape I wanted to hang white bloodied sheets and spider egg sacks. My question with the sheets is - are single strips better or should I cut the sheets in different sizes and THEN cut strips?

I hope this made sense! And thanks for any help that comes my way!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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