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Hi everyone. I have been lurking on this forum for the past year or so. I figured it was finally time to jump in and make a profile. This forum really helped me round out my little display. Our display started with one giant blow up Dragon a few years ago. It has since grown into two large blow up dragons, a boneyard of their victims and more keeps getting added. My husband is really into dragons so it was pretty easy to talk him into the first dragon ;). I personally am really into werewolves and added a werewolf skeleton into the display last year. We are a military family so space is at a premium in terms of storage. This is one of the reasons the big blow ups work for us. The kids just love the dragons and make their parents walk from all over to base on Halloween to come to our house. I love doing something cool for the kids cuz I will never forget the cool yards when I trick or treated as a kid. I am just trying to build on the dragon medieval fantasy theme and I always welcome ideas for inspiration. We are also pretty huge geeks so game of thrones does play a role as well.

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Welcome and your display sounds wonderful!

You should have no problem finding lots of ideas to expand, but likely end up with real horror show - where will you store all the new stuff?!!! :D
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