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Time for Halloween party????

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So I am having a Halloween Party on Halloween night this year and i need help picking a time. I know it's stupid but i am going back and forth between 7 pm and 8 pm. I have people traveling over an hour and also people with younger kids that i am guessing would go trick or treating. Any thoughts?

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My boyfriend's sister is getting married on Halloween this year and she had the exact same problem. She finally decided on 7:30 so, like you said, anyone with kids can still go trick or treating.

I hope this is helpful?
I would probably do 8, that way people with the little ones can still go TOT and still be able to make it to your party. :)
It would depend on what you are serving as far as food. If you are having just snacks, later is better, if you are having more of a meal you would want to have it earlier. We have more of a meal for our guest so we actually start our party at 6:30. We learned one year that we started our party at 8 and had tons of food, that most people came to the party saying that they weren't hungry, they already ate.
we always throw our party on the friday on or before Halloween. We go with 8 to allow for trick or treating on 31st and any other date is 7.30. I agree with Cherry, that most guests will have eaten before this. We only provide snacks and mainly cater for the kids when providing food
I have never thrown a party on Halloween night. IMHO kids come first and I wouldn't take them TOTing and then dump them to go party. It should be family night. It's really their night. Also I despise those houses that leave on Halloween night. I can only speak for our city which has TOT from 6-8. This would cause a problem to arrive at 8:00. We throw our party a couple of weeks earlier and include a rainout date for the next weekend just in case. This extends the whole season this way! IMO ... the best plan and more people will attend.
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