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Here is the wording that I'm thinking of as of now... It it weird that I only really reference nightmare and one other movie in the invitation? Also please share any experience, photos, and ideas for both a Tim Burton theme as well as a 30th birthday halloween theme :)

A long time ago, longer now than it seems,
A baby was born, and she grew and she grew,
And now she is thirty, so stifle your screams,
She's extending a nightmarish invitation to you!

It's a Tim Burton theme birthday bash,
This is halloween, everybody make a scene,
A feast will be served, please offer some cash,
Or else Jack will beat you black and green,

Plenty of food accompanies this haunt,
Find a creative Burton costume to wear,
Potions provided, bring your own if you want,
RSVP, or you'll end up in Sweeney's chair
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