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Thoughts on Spirit Halloween

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I've decided this year that I won't be shopping at Spirit Halloween anymore. The bug was planted in my ear through the story of the haunter's tombstone being duplicated, but I didn't think much of it until visiting the store this year.

The first thing that crossed my mind was how far they take the dead animal thing. It's sons thing I'm sensitive to, and I know there's definitely a fine line in regard to the skeleton animals that are on the market. But I can't stomach the dead crows, knifed rats, and the new cat popping out of the urn. That's a personal thing which I'll admit.

What really got to me - on the back wall they had many previous year's animatronics, including several I'd love to have. These are all marked as Returns, and the boxes are in rough shape. I would be all over these even if they didn't work, just as static props. However none were marked down! I just can't imagine paying full price for something like that. I did notice they had a section of clearance costumes, including two kids' fireman hats with big chunks of the rim broken off that were only marked down 20% off. Between that and this year's new offerings being so underwhelming, I just can't deal with them. Four years ago I bought a Harvester from them and it never worked. I unfortunately didn't get around to using it that halloween, so I pulled it out in the winter to look at it, but it was way too late to return it. My fault. The next year I mentioned it to the manager who was awesome enough to let me trade it in for a different one. However the next one didn't work either. I never returned it, I've just used it as static. But I have gotten other thunder from them since. I can't do it anymore though.
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I wonder if "clearance" is something decided by the store manager, or district manager? I was in one Spirit that had a few last year items at clearance prices, such as the fortune teller. It was marked around $149. But there are other items in banged up boxes at full price. Seems inconsistent.
I agree with the dead/mummified/zombie animals as well. Not my thing.
I myself love Spirit, I started a little later then some but I started shopping there in 0ct 2004, and every year since. I like the variety to me they have something for everyone, if a certain prop is not your thing, they will have something else that is, that is what I like is the variety of stuff they have. The animal thing does not bother me at all, because I know just like in a horror movie, it's not real. The zombie babies I remember a couple folks saying how horrible they were and I have one ( some 2) from every year since they made them in 2009 lol. I mainly shop with Spirit now online due to moving and not being close to one, and another thing I value with them is their customer service, any problem I have had with a prop that are extremely fair getting it taken care of. So for me they are a big part of my Halloween for many years now, and will continue to be
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I think Spirit's good for buying static props and masks to make props, their Animatronics are low quality and really cheesy, the props are generally pretty good quality for the price, and the masks work well for making a prop, i wouldn't buy a costume from them though, not realistic enough.
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