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Thoughts on how this is done? Pop Up Tray

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In the video the tray contains a mechanism where there is no air or electricity and the top flips open quite abruptly for a quick scare. Any thoughts on how this is accomplished with such good force?

Thanks for any input!
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spring loaded or pressurized cylinders on each side, she probably moves a lockdown pin on the box to pop it open. The cylinders look like what is on vehicle back trunk or front hood (maybe smaller) - believe they are called rear hatch struts or tailgate lift supports.
Looks to me that it's just spring loaded. If you notice, she gives the table a quick upward jerk to flip the lid. The springs are probably installed in a way that keeps slight pressure downward on the lid when it's closed but as soon as the lid is slightly raised it forces the lid up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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