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Well Everybody, it's about time that I share some of the work that I've been doing all summer and since I finally finished one of my main projects, that's what's being shared.

This one didn't come out as well as I'd have liked with the lettering, and, of course, they all look a little different in the near-dark of Halloween night.

This one was actually my attempt at "Lazy" carving, but I like the way it came out a lot.

This was the first one that I started this summer and I really like the way it looks. And, yes, I did steal the epitaph from Hocus Pocus.

This one is my favorite. The name and dates are from a character in a Tom Stoppard play: "Arcadia"

This was the last one that I did and I couldn't be bothered to come up with an epitaph, obviously. Still, I think it's interesting looking, if not very good.

If anybody has any thoughts on how I could improve them, let me know and I'll work on them some more if I have time before the big day.
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