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This Year's Plans

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We do a Halloween countdown every year... a 31 days of Halloween type of thing. Last year we started mid-September and tried to watch the top 50 horror movies, one a night (but we only made it to the 20s). This year I've made a calendar with a Halloween-themed activity for each night for my family to join together and participate. So far, this is what we have done:
10/1 - went out to see Hotel Transylvania 2
10/2 - made caramel apples
10/3 - watch Frankenstein (Boris Karloff, we are watching all the Universal classics this year)
10/4 - Tattoo Funkins - I will now be covered in glitter until mid-January

We've got a lot of movies, a haunted gingerbread train, making candy corn (I've been told it's like marshmallows, you end up with something completely different and a thousand times better when you make it yourself), a couple of pumpkin patches, some tie-dye, Dr Dreadful's Food & Snack Labs still to come, among other things..

anyone else do this every year? If so, what's on your calendar for this year?
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How was HT2? Going to see it Thursday for my son's bday :)
I want to go to Spooky Empire's Extreme Halloween event down in Orlando, but it's on Halloween weekend, so I'm going to have to take a day off and go down on Friday.
It was a worthy sequel. You'll have a good time.

How was HT2? Going to see it Thursday for my son's bday :)
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