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This was a "First!"

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We were busy yesterday and last night, then late, a man ran up to our ticket window almost throwing money at us so he could quickly return to the car where his unsuspecting carload of his children were sitting.
Following his "script", I waited , then walked outside, walked up to his car, he had the hood up.
He feigned car trouble.
"Car trouble?" (was my script.) "You all could come into my house to get warm."
The Father had told the kids he was bringing them to Mount Carroll to seek a new washing machine (which they didn't need)
Then he later told them that several bodies were found next the rail road tracks here and that maybe a serial killer was living in this small town!
When they parked in the parking lot he told them the tracks where those bodies had been found were just on the other side of the trees to the North of the parking lot!
( I suppose those tracks might under the river there?)
He drove for over an hour to get here. There were five kids in his small car.. I wonder where the washing machine was going to fit?
There a couple a screamers among his children, and they all had a good time!
They might never look at a washing machine the same way ever again!
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OMG those poor kids, what a cool Dad IMO!

What a fun way to troll the kids! Glad they had a good time!
They ran the gammit in ages too, and were boys and girls, the girls were older and the one had an incredible scream! Then she would stop and laugh, the perfect mix I go for Every Time!
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Ditto, what a cool dad. They will remember this forever. (Of course some might need counseling later in life. Lol) How fun! :)
Verycoolmoveby the Dad, nice of you tp play along, Jim!
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