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This is your brain

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Cute, but not even close to $2,000 cute.
If they are serious about selling it, I suggest moving the decimal two places to the left and multiplying that amount by three, at the very most...:rolleyes:
but .. it's So Pretty!
Not as "Pretty" as having $2,000 in my back pocket right now, though.
The bad news is that the auction closed :(
The good news is that they relisted it :)
The bad news is they added 1000 to the price :(
Think how many Walgreen skellies 3k would buy- your very own army of darkness!
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It is so sad when people try to pass repainted run-of-the-mill objects off as "high end" art.
:eek:Seriously? You can't be serious!:rolleyes:
and you might be able to buy a real skeleton for less! first buy a shovel and a good flashlite....
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He also has a used jester clown for sell, but is only asking 10 or 15 times the price you could buy it for in any Halloween store.

This all started when Ebay began giving out a certain number of free listings every month. He wouldn't be asking those prices if he had to pay a quarter every time he tried to list them.
I know exactly what happened here...

The wife told him that she was tired of his Halloween stuff all over the house and he had to sell it. Reluctantly, he obliged and put it at a price that nobody would bite. The result? "Sorry babe, I tried to sell it on eBay and nobody wanted it. Guess we'll have to keep it for another year!"
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Just have to love the cardboard movie marquee listed at $2,000.00

Yup. Cardboard. Cutouts stapled together. Two g's.
But they don't make cardboard like that anymore! Anyone like to buy my experimental cardboard bullet-proof vest? Spit-wad proof!
I also want to say that is good but not that cost worthy, yes if anyone want to make a new exposure it is good for him.
That's exactly what happened savage eye,, not that any of us would do that hahaha
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...must be some good drugs!
Maybe the guy who posted this had a twitch and hit the "0" two too many times? Or he's just put right ridiculous. Either way I'm not paying that much for either of the items!!
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