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In a effort to change my planned cemetery around for halloween I am starting to consider making a cool looking Mausoleum has part of it and pherhaps using it for effect maybe some strobe lights and fog emmiting from it has I come out from its darkness to scare the people walking by. Last year I came up with a name for the graveyard and made a little sign and called it Creepers Crypt cememtery I staring has the creeper lol. So I think a Mausoleum would really add to the whole crypt idea. I was thinking of just making a front entrance with some black cloth I emerge from and two sides not a whole elaborate four sided over the top thing cause of lack of space. Anyone care to share some ideas on how to make it look realistic looking like close to granite looking.
I was thinking some ply wood originally and somehow really doing a number on it to give it some character with divots and stuff so it doesnt look one dimmensional. So has anyone tried something of this nature? My main goal is too make it has granite looking has possible. Any help would b appreciated has always although I havent posted here in ages. I always love to lurk lol.

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I'm thinking, gather up the following: Small, Medium and large diameter cardboard concrete forms with appropriate lengths, 1/2 inch plywood, chicken wire, joint compound, exterior latex paints and primers (white, black, green, brown etc) black fabric, spider webs, Spanish moss and an old beach/patio umbrella. Experiment with the various cardboard forms to make the columns for your Mausoleum.

Have the over all diameter of the mausoleum be no bigger than the beach umbrella, because that will serve as the dome- just detach the handle and staple to the support structure. This suggests that your mausoleum be a hexagon or octagon in its footprint. Make the concrete forms stack-able by cutting plywood to fit the inner diameter of the form and screw in from the sides. Weigh the bottom of the columns with bricks, sand, etc. Screw one column to another from inside the form to the other's plywood base.

Use the leftover plywood to make architectural features, like arches, and brace the outside of the columns together. Again, this is what you staple the umbrella to. Take the chicken wire and staple gun and wrap each column and surfaces. Prime all visible surfaces, including the umbrella. When its dry, use the joint compound to create stone-like textures and cracks, etc. Let this dry completely and seal with several coats of primer and paint.

For the most durable results, paint the insides of the cardboard forms with primer and paint to protect from moisture. Staple fabric to conceal the umbrella's mechanisms or drape with Spanish moss and cobwebs, add an old finial to the top of the umbrella so it looks like a spire, etc.

This is a great construction method, because you can conceal any extension or electrical chords by poking a hole in the cardboard and drilling a hole in the plywood bases to run wiring through. For safety, make sure the wires are well insulated and made for outdoor use with a ground fault.

If you feel ambitious, you can sew/attach three umbrella together at their edges to make a very large mausoleum- just reinforce the span with 2x2's.

Hope this proves to be inspiring! Please be sure to post pictures of whatever it is you come up with!

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do a search for mausoleum or crypt... there are MANY folks that have all different types of them either already built or in progress and of all sorts of styles.

(I did one last year out of foamcore and 1x2s - basic no-frills look)

TK421's crypt is really beautiful:

There are LOTS of different versions... :)

Hey, Frankie's Girl, thanks for the reference! I have posted a PDF on my website you can download.

TK421 Mausoleum Build Plan


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Hey you can check out a pic of mine on my profile page in my album projects and decor. Hope it helps. Mine is all plywood, very heavy and very big but it does come apart for storage. I would really love to see how you do yours. It would be great to see how you do one without all the walls.
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