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People can bring groups here to rent the house for Hyde & Shriek and now some play Zombie-Tag!
Zombie Tag-one person is "The Zombie!" Everyone else hides,when tagged the tagged one is now also a Zombie and must slide their neck band up making it a head-band to let them see you coming!
The one odd feature is, if 2 people are hiding together and one gets caught later, he might know where to find YOU!

Last year a group was here playing Zombie Tag. Two little boys were in the back-end of the 1963 Cadillac Hearse,their Parents were Zombies but couldn't "Get" the kids because they had locked the back door of the hearse,so they were making daces at them through the door's window.
Then the "Zombies" left....(from inside the Hearse there is a tunnel to walk through to go other places, the kids assumed the Zombies would be then coming up behind them).
One boy opened the back-Hearse door and got out, the Dad-Zombie raced back around the corner !
The real test for "Humanity" then came as the Brother inside the Hearse slammed and locked the door,abandoning his own Brother to those vile ZOMBIES!
"I must Live! You must Die! "Brother!"
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