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Ha ha ha! I love all these! :D

Said by my (then) 3 year old DD, after having a scary prop sitting on our couch for weeks for her to get used to it and us to teach her that it was pretend & wouldn't hurt her - "Mommy, I want to give Zombie Larry a hug goodnight". This warmed our haunter hearts!

"The blood fountain needs more blood"

"This skull turned out great - it's the most disgusting looking one we have"

"Does the severed foot look better here, or over there?"

ETA - just watched the video - awesome! I may resemble "I promise it'll make sense" & "We should be more organized next year" and "It was a great deal!" LOLOLOL!


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Here's a few I've said:

"Tell me you didn't just throw that paper towel roll away."

"No, that's not trash. It's my dryer lint!"

"Tell me that wasn't my skull that just hit the floor!"

"No, I don't actually use this brand of toilet paper, I recycle it."

"Don't use the Viva paper towels, they're for corpsing."

"No I don't keep the cardboard tubes from the good TP--the ones in the cheap stuff are more sturdy."

"Hmm...I wonder if I can make a pumpkin out of that?"

"Just throw the skeleton in the closet with the rest of them."

"No, don't throw that away. I'm saving all the tissue paper from the baby shower for Halloween projects."

"Hmm... wonder if I should throw this dirty used dryer sheet in the washer."

And one just uttered this afternoon, "Damn it hurt when I stepped on that skull."

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Them:" Do you live in this haunted house?"
Us:"Yes we do.'
Them again:"Where do you sleep?"
My Wife:"In a bed."
Me:"Oh,you groupies always want to know that sort of thing!"

"I sleep in the attic,hanging upside down from a steel hook!"
"Them:"Did you grow up in this town?"
Me:"I'm still growing up here."

Them:"Have you lived in this town all of your life?"
Me:"No, i'm not dead yet!"

When you might come back here some time,if i'm dead.. come on in,I'll be waiting for you."
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