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Things I learn/learned building Props

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ok here is a thread and i appologize if it has already been done but i figured i would post up since i did something stupid today.

A. I learned that when using Great Stuff that if you get any in your hair to let it dry before removing versus soaking a rag in acetone and "washing" your hair with it.

B. I learned that Great Stuff and Screwdrivers do not mix.

C. I learned that no matter if you zig left or right great stuff will always find a way to hit you when the can explodes.

D. I learned that no matter how empty you think a can of Great Stuff is, it is never empty enough to NOT spray all over your clothes and skin.

YES i am a moron today! Having a brain fart is once a year occurance, at least that is what i tell myself when i cry myself to sleep. My "great" idea to reuse the cans turned in to a "here hold my beer and watch this!" episode.
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