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Hi all,

As with many of you, money is really tight this year. So I have done some dumpster diving around the area to get a lot of wood. Also, I've tried craigslist, and freecycle. I've also had a great neighbor give me a cabinet that is perfect for an outhouse. I've also had another friend who owns a farm give me 12 bales of straw for free. The things are HUGE compared to what Cub and Lowe's are offering for $7.99! Each one is about 4 times their size.
On freecycle I got a rocking chair for a haunted rocking chair for next year and a real scythe. My grim reaper will look cool with the real thing and not some cheapo plastic one. I was going to get one off ebay and they wanted anywhere from $30 to $100 and then the shipping was outrageous! I highly recommend this site for the Halloween season. And it's free!

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