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Nobody wants to even listen,.. and nobody even cares... yet. But they will care and care a whole bunch, bet your Baby's Booties on that, Mister!
These things are unstoppable! They can run all night, eating, killing, catching other's soft skin between THOSE TEETH!
Go to sleep, go ahead! You might not wake up tomorrow morning! I'm not kidding you on this !
I first had an inkling about them when I was a very young child, I actually believe I was "hooked-Into" them at a young age, so when I told my Mom about them visiting me in my bedroom late at night, she just threatened to give my new bed spread to my first cousin Alfred. She thought it all started just because I have an imagination, and there were realistic figures of Mice printed upon my sheets.
So when I told her a Mouse had bitten me, she just laughed at me and never even thought to ask me to show her the bite marks on my toes.
If they bite your toes, this means that they would bite any place else they felt like ! (Toes are.. yukky!)
I could not stand this! I had to do.. something? I didn't mean to get her hurt, I just needed to have her know what was really happening at night, that was all.
I came home from school and she wasn't home yet, then Grandma showed up and said she had been in a car wreck on her way home.
Mom was away in the Hospital for more than a week. When I saw her the first time after the Hospital, both of her feet were wrapped up in big band aids!

That first night she was home I checked her bed. The sheet with the mouse prints wasn't there any more under her sheet!
Had they all moved away from the sheet?
I checked my bed very closely, the mouse sheet was not under my regular sheet......... I think I finally fell asleep when the dog began howling!
I ran into the hallway where the dog's bed was, the dog was covered by an army of wild mice all swarming, biting My Dog!
I bent down quickly, grabbed a corner of the mouse sheet and began running as fast as I could out the front door, my hand almost popped the screen out I was running so fast!
I could hear them all right behind me as I was almost to the street. I twisted myself and flung the mouse sheet into the road, they were all running to the sheet when quickly a huge truck wheel ran over the sheet and all of those aggressive mice!
The next day my Mother and Grandma kept telling me how Mom had wrecked her little car and that was why her foot was hurt like it was.
Eventually my Dad returned to us after his sentence was served. We moved a long way away after that to another country where nobody knew my Dad had been a scientist working for our Government (He never liked to talk about it)
The DNA those herds of mice had only allowed them to thrive for about ten days, they they would go crazy eating everything just before they died.
The world price of grain has never been so high before. I just hope we don't have to go fight some other country because people are starving.
I still have bad dreams about those .. mice, I'm 28 years old now and still have difficulty sleeping at night.
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