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There's not enough time!

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Sorry for the all caps, but that's what everyone who asks me, "How's Hallowe'en coming?" hears from me these days.
We're in the homestretch, and my anxiety level is increasing. I'm a home-made haunter, one who prides myself on crafting my own version of weird. I recycle, upcycle, art-cycle, reinvent, distress and destress to make my outdoor and indoor decs. I also have way more ideas than the time to do them in each year – especially because I refuse to start the process until October 1st. But this year is coming together nicely.
It's nice to find my tribe.
Nice to meet you!

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Isn't that what it's all about.. Taking what you have and making something cool and different?
I had a sticker on the inside of an old toolbox, which read: "I have done so much with so little for so long, that now I can do anything with nothing."
Happy Halloween!
Home-made Hallowe'en

In my world it's "go big – or go home." I may have to post pics of some of the other home-made weirdness I've created. Again, no animatronics, machines, things that move on their own, or purchased plastic props. Just whatever I can make while keeping in mind getting the most bang for the buck. 40± tombstones painted on recycled plywood and paneling. A dozen life-size bear traps. The Ghost Dancers. The Fright (Art) Gallery.

I'll never be too old for this.


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Batman Costume Fictional character Superhero Ear

...nor will I. Welcome to the family!
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Enjoy your stay, have a good halloween!
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I like the recycle, upcycle and art-cycle...well said!! Halloween is so much fun!! I am always a bit stressed to prepare for Halloween but it is so much fun!!!! One of my favorite stresses.
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I so understand what you are feeling! People say things like, "Oh, you still have two whole weeks until Halloween." or "I hear it's going to snow that week." And worst of all, now that we are four days away, "So, are you all done with your Halloween decorating?" YIKES! This week is the busiest, not the most relaxing. It's when I do all the stuff I've been putting off - ha! ha! - like the shower scene in Psycho. All when I do all the light and sound checks. Buy the candy and prizes, design the games, fix anything that isn't working (drooping birds) and......I KNOW I'm forgetting something....
Welcome . . . pull up a coffin and stay awhile. It's not like you can leave now . . . LOLOLOLOL. Welcome and tell us more about your up-art-and any other cycles you're doing! Sounds marvelous. Can't wait for the pictures . . . just saying! Lol.
Welcome and I so feel you're pain! Tell us more about your up-art-and any other cycles you're doing! Sounds marvelous. Can't wait for the pictures . . . just saying! Lol.
Welcome to the Halloween tribe
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