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Hi Guys!

I have another request. Does anybody have (cd-rip) of the following they could share with me: Themes From Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Horror Films (Varese Sarabande VSD 5407 ) Info on this title can be found here: SoundtrackCollector: Soundtrack details: Themes From Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Films. It would me so much to me. Thank You So Much!

Track Listing:

1. The Mole People (Hans J. Salter): Treacherous Trek

2. Creature From The Black Lagoon (Salter): The Monster Attacks, Part 1

3. This Island Earth (Herman Stein): Main Title/Shooting Stars

4. The Incredible Shrinking Man (Fred Carling/Ed Lawrence): Main Theme

5. It Came From Outer Space (Stein): Visitors From Space

6. The Creature Walks Among Us (Henry Mancini): Stalking The Creature, Part 4

7. The House Of Frankenstein (Salter/Paul Dessau): Main Title

8. The Horror Of Dracula (James Bernard): Main Title/Dracula's Feast Of Blood

9. Tarantula (Mancini): Hot Fight/Metaluna Catastrophe, Part 2
Stock Music from the Universal music library
10. The Son Of Dracula (Salter): Main Title

11. The Revenge Of The Creature (Stein): Main Title

12. The Deadly Mantis (William Lava): Winged Death

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