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Theme idea for 2012 Yay or Nay

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I was thinking about doing Xiabalba, or the Maya underworld, because the Maya predicted that this era of the world would end in 2012. I had it all planned out. I was going to put up a giant pyramid in the backyard. I wanted swamps and forests (tropical) around it. Then my Mom pointed out that it might snow. So now I ditched the pyramid idea and I think it will be it in the garage. It likely will have running water too, but it will be manageable.
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Amazing Idea. The Mayan architecture lends perfect to Halloween.

I spent 4 months exploring Mexico in a van half my life ago visiting as many ruinas as I could find. Palenque was my favorite. The capstone of Pacal Al Rey is amazing. It really does look like a man in a spaceship staring through a persicope. Especially when you see it in person. The sheer size of the thing is humongous.

Their skulls and reptile faces are pure evil and would make a good addition even of you were not trying to make a Mayan theme. (AKA reusable)

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