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Theme: Fears and Phobias room by room

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OK I think I have almost everything ready to set up...Can I ask for help with a few rooms and ideas? Here goes!

Entryway: Clowns and dolls: I have this wierd area below my floating stairs about 3 feet high and 4 feet deep. It creeps me out anyway! It even has a light.

Living room: Ghosts/Haunting. Super easy. Cheesecloth ghosts and heads, blacklights, black scene setters, white fabric on couches.

Kitchen: Cockroaches/bugs/rats. easy. Maybe windshield wiper motor cabinets?

Downstairs bathroom:
Sink area: Dentist. Lots of bloody teeth, gauze, mask and gloves. "Open up and say AAHHH" on the mirror. Wierd stuff in the medicine cabinet?
Toilet area: Small/Dark rooms. Black fabric all over. Just the toilet lit up. Maybe a "dot room"?

Dining room (connected to living/kitchen): Bats. Starting in the corner wall and spreading up the ceilings.

Upstairs sitting area: Spiders! All over with cocoons too! this is my favorite so far

Upstairs bathroom: Psycho Movie. Not really a fear for most younger folks but I know a lot of people couldn't take a shower for days after they saw the movie.

K. So everything above I pretty much have set. If you have anything to add, PLEASE do. Everything below is where I need help:

Stairs. They float so my idea is someone/something grabbing your leg, but I have no idea how to execute. I'm still open to anything at this point.

Upstairs patio: Falling/Heights. Have danger tape. Maybe some "guy" falling/holding on to the side of the railing. I think I saw an abyss-like scene setter that goes on the floor? I'm stumped.

OK so I know that there is a wealth of creative people with tons of experience on these forums and I thank you, thank you for any help and suggestions you can throw my way.
I promise I will post lots of pics! We are starting first thing Saturday morning.
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I have no suggestions to offer I just wanted to say that sounds fantastic!! Can't wait to see the pictures! :)
Zoe - you're plans so far sound amazing! Sounds like you have a nice place too. Upstairs patio? - wow!
As for the stairs, I would hesitate to do anything too aggressive like grabbing, just because it could create a falling (for real) hazard. But then again - I'm a worrier by nature so don't go by me. I would decorate by winding those great strands of flicker bulbs around your handrail. Maybe add a decorative garland with it (spiders or dead leaves). They would light up your stairway (for safety) and continue the creepy feel upstairs.
For your upstairs patio, what about a storm? You step outside and there is wind (fans) and thunder & lightning (storm box). You would be surrounded by a dead forest (pruned tree limbs spray-painted black). Mysterious silhouettes would illuminate with each flash of lightning (cut-out silhouette boards of bats, witches, whatever scares you). Little eyes (LED) staring at you from their hiding places. Maybe there would be a cozy sitting area where you could sip a warm beverage and enjoy the storm...
Just an idea. Whatever you decide to do, please let us know and have a blast!
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First off, your plans sound awesome (heck, your house sounds awesome)! I love the idea of having so many diverse room themes that come together in an overall theme. You have some excellent ideas, and that's going to be one fun party for your guests to explore.

I would second Super_Freak's caution about doing any scares on the stairs. There is a huge tripping hazard on stairs, and if this is a costume-wearing party, that will only become more so. Even professional haunts leave the victims alone in stairwells, and I would recommend you do the same. Decorate them and keep them clear and well lit, and provide a path to entice your guests upward.

How about superstitions? So many people have strange fears involving broken mirrors, black cats, spilled salt, and other objects said to bring about bad luck or worse. I recall reading on one of the threads on here that someone was doing/already did a really great superstition theme to their event decorations, and that thread may be helpful. Hrm, now if I could only find it...they mention having open umbrellas, broken mirrors, black cat figures, and such with appropriate lighting which added up to a simple but very effective bit of decorating. Anyone recall where that thread was?? I will try to find it tomorrow when my head isn't screaming at me to go to bed:rolleyes:.
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Were there snakes? Then one I kind of have myself,
is that I get a paper cut on my eye... Fear of death is
one too, but not very easy to put up.
First off, thanks for the awesome ideas and support! I totally agree with the stairs and safety. Don't want any real fears coming true!!!! I will def keep it simple.
People are really getting into it!! Here's some of the best ideas I got today:
Planes, bridges, wind, people in the mirror, something under the bed. Some wierd ones: static cling/dryer sheets, tinfoil, mustard????
I am sending out a questionnaire of what peoples fears and phobias are and maybe do something simple with them i.e., hang a few silhouettes of planes. I am definitely going to do "match the phobia to the person". The mustard guy is pretty well known, actually.
My mom says "what if someone comes naked? You know that dream where you show up somewhere naked?" She's funny.
Anyway, attached are the creepy dolls I bought, and the creepy space I wanted to put them in. The space is TOO big!!! So I'm gonna have put the dolls somewhere else and something different for under the stairs...any ideas?

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Arrgh! I don't know how to do pics on this forum! Can anyone help??
you could hang a few dolls by a noose. clowns are very scary!
that is such an AMAZING idea! I can't think of anything to add...good luck and make sure to post pictures!
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