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I am officially submitting my coffin into the contest.. Here is the picture of my coffin with first coat of paint.

Here is a photo of my completed coffin

2 pieces of plywood = FREE donated from local business

4 pieces of wood = FREE old scrap wood from our house

Cross = $2.49 walmart craft section

Paint = 1 half gallon black = FREE left over from painting bedroom
1 quart red = 7.00 Home Depot
1 quart crackle finish = $12.00 Home Depot
1 gold paint pen from Walmart =$2.50
1 small container gold paint from Walmart craft section .98

Handles= 3 chair rails x $2.89 each

Misc= Paint brush, nails, screws = FREE from our house


I started on my coffin with donated plywood from a local business. Used a set of plans from http://wayneofthewoods.com/coffin%202.html.
After completely nailing and screwing all pieces together. I had this idea to crackle finish the outside of the coffin.

I started with a base coat of black paint .
Then I put on 1 coat of red paint.
After talking to my mom, she thought the paint sceam for a crackle finish would look best black over red.
So I went to home depot and purchased the crackle finish and put a coat of the crackle over the red.
My next step after applying the crackle finish and letting it dry, was to cover the entire surface with another coat of black..
I waited 3 days and could not tell that the crackle finish worked on the plywood.
There was a lot of the red showing through and I was not happy with the way it looked.
So I put on another coat of black paint to cover all the red.
I went to HD looking for handles and could not find anything in my budget or that would be of substantial size. I did find some chair rails that worked perfectly.
I purchased the 3 chair rails. I used 2 rails on each side of the coffin and 1 rail I cut apart and used to decorate at the top of the coffin on each side.
I originally started with the rails black.
My thoughts were that with having the coffin being black and outside at night, it would be hard to see. So I went to Walmart and purchased gold paint and paint pen and set about detailing the rails and the cross that I picked up while in the craft section.

I am pleased with my first coffin..

The one detail that I will do different is add some crown moulding to the top, to give it more size.

I chose not to add hinges to this coffin, because I plan to store stuff in it, after Halloween.
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Looking Good!
Quick Question

I know it says newly built. No kits

How newly built is newly built? (This month, this year. within last year?)

Just curious.

Even if I am not eligible I want to show off mine. Built in October last year.
your coffin came out very nice....and for only 33 bucks....super job!
GothicPrincess, great job on the coffin, I think the spindles look nice at handles, and I like the cross on front. I never would of thought of using the crackle finish on a coffin, great idea!!
The crackle finish never worked for me. Maybe it was due to the plywood not being smooth... All though it says on the bottle that it works best on all surfaces..

I have another coffin, I am going to work on later in the year, with fogger, lights, etc.... I just need more practice first...

Come on guys the clock is counting down... get those coffins ready..
Really cool!
Hey Gothic,

Not an old-timer, per se, but just a thought...

Maybe put a coat of monster mud over the plywood and sand it smooth? That would make the lid look more like stone... or at the very least, not plywood. You could also try embellishing the edges with some trim pieces. Trim isn't terribly expensive, and it can hide a lot of sins.

The crackle finish was a phenomenal idea. It's a real shame it didn't work out. It gives me some ideas to tinker with in the future. :)

boy, everyone has such nice entry's. this is very nice
That coffin looks great!!!!
Gothicprincess your coffin is awesome!! I love a black coffin, your expenses were down and the spindles are a beaut touch!!!
Thanks I wish I could get a close up and show everyone that there is a undercoat of red paint that is showing through.

I wanted to paint the handles to have them to stand out at night. I will be making a 2nd coffin exactly like this design only adding more crown moulding and changing the color.

Just goes to show you that you can build a coffin for less than 50 bucks.
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