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The Wizard

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Just thought I’d throw this in as well. This was a quick put together, a friend gave me the mask and costume, and I just had to build an armature. The base is 3/4 inch plywood, the 2 4x4's are cut and spaced to fit into the hole of a concrete block. Arms and elbows are posable by tighting the screws that are through the PVC joints. It was our greeter at the church’s haunted house. The cauldron was cut from the bottom of a plastic 50 gallon drum, great stuff, spray paint, handles are from 10 inch PVC pipe cut in 1 inch section. It will be animated with sound before 10/31/09.

Our pet duck did not like all of our stuff in her way.
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Really nice prop there. Heck WAY better than some of the store bought ones I've seen. Has a nice quality to it. I liked the walking stick too BTW. Was that made or bought? It looks like the top of it might change colors? What kind of sound track did you add?

BTW I bought a wizard mask from Kmart this year after season, it's stored away now. If your wizard face came from there I'm know I'm going to like mine next year when I take it out to start planning. Thanks for reminding us how simple and elegant a good prop can be.
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