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The Witch's house - Question

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Hey guys!

OK, this year our theme is The Witch's house... We are thinking about building some shelves (with jars and bottles of different potions), a cauldron on a woodden fire (not real, don't worry ;) ), maybe a fireplace... Anyway you get the picture...

Last week my son (he's 10) had this idea: he wants us to build a cage and he will be held "captive" for the entire night (he's not that much into Trick or Treating... he usually goes for 20-30 minutes, and rushes back home where the fun is ;) ).

I just want your opinion on this cage thing... Do you think that it will be too "scary", shocking and impressive for younger Toters? I don't want to be the cause they will have to see a shrink later in life....:rolleyes:

Hubby and I talked about it, and I came up with this idea: for older Toters, I will say that I have captured him for my dinner or something like that, but for the younger crowd, I thought I could tell them that I'm a GOOD witch and that I just "released" him of a spell a BAD witch put on him...

What do you think? Thanks! :)
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I think you should go for it. A little bit of a scare is what keeps the magic of halloween alive and leaves a memory that you will remember the rest of your life. I think you should have him in there and say "welcome children,here is another little trick or treater, come on in AND STAY FOR DINNER" and then lunge out at them. Of course for the real little tots you can use the other routine.

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i say scare the pants off them, but feel them out, we always tone it down for the younger ones who look like they are getting scared and not enjoying it. i think your son is boss coming up with that idea. should be fun

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Yeah, go for it! But, just keep a eye out, and use your intuition, if you think some kids are too scared and tramatized, so much so it isn't ever going to be fun for them, then tone it down, just use your best judgement in a case by case situation. What a great idea, give your son big props for that one!!

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Thanks for your replies guys! :) I'll go for it then, and post pictures of the cage when we're done (right now, it's still all in our heads... with ONLY 90 days left.... Sigh!)
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