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The Watcher - In Progress

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I tried, I really did, but I couldn't dig up the old thread...so here we are. I hope to use this to help organise my chronicles of her creation.

Mary, as I have come to call her, is near 5 feet in length and currently without a neck or head...but as I have finally been able to obtain a suitable structure on which to form a papier mache skull, that should be rectified fairly swiftly. Today I managed the arms and hands from wire, newspaper and ducktape. The musculature on these parts still needs to be addesssed. Barring unforeseen obstacles, I should have her base structure near completion as far as applying mache, fleshing out "flat areas", and adding any further attachments. She does not support her own weight and has been designed to be hung or perhaps to lay nonchalantly, legs dangling, off our roof...like a jaguar contemplating it's next kill. I doubt I will have the time to build anything of this scope for a few Halloweens to come (living in a dorm and all), but in the future I would like to attempt something that can stand on it's own. Mary is in fact incredibly light for her size, and her limbs can all be manipulated and folded with ease...which won't last once I get the latex on. We'll see...

Sitting in the corner of my personal quarters, away from the wind and driving sleet we've been experiencing as of late. Since my stepfather needs every square inch of his garage to successfully paint his cabinet. ;) The barrel of the chest is slightly off kilter, so I'm debating on whether to leave it or add another rib to straighten it out. I don't suppose it would matter, given her history.